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Touring Katutura! : Poverty, Tourism, and Poverty Tourism in Windhoek, Namibia / Malte Steinbrink, Michael Buning, Martin Legant, Berenike Schauwinhold, Tore Süßenguth. – Potsdam: Universitätsverlag Potsdam, 2016. – 143 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.
(Potsdamer Geographische Praxis ; 11)
ISSN (print) 2194-1599
ISSN (online) 2194-1602
ISBN 978-3-86956-384-8
Preis: 16,00 €    (Bezugsinformationen)

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Guided sightseeing tours of the former township of Katutura have been offered in Windhoek since the mid-1990s. City tourism in the Namibian capital had thus become, at quite an early point in time, part of the trend towards utilising poor urban areas for purposes of tourism – a trend that set in at the beginning of the same decade. Frequently referred to as “slum tourism” or “poverty tourism”, the phenomenon of guided tours around places of poverty has not only been causing some media sensation and much public outrage since its emergence; in the past few years, it has developed into a vital field of scientific research, too. “Global Slumming” provides the grounds for a rethinking of the relationship between poverty and tourism in world society.

This book is the outcome of a study project of the Institute of Geography at the School of Cultural Studies and Social Science of the University of Osnabrueck, Germany. It represents the first empirical case study on township tourism in Namibia. It focuses on four aspects:

1. Emergence, development and (market) structure of township tourism in Windhoek

2. Expectations/imaginations, representations as well as perceptions of the township and its inhabitants from the tourist’s perspective

3. Perception and assessment of township tourism from the residents’ perspective

4. Local economic effects and the poverty-alleviating impact of township tourism

The aim is to make an empirical contribution to the discussion around the tourism-poverty nexus and to an understanding of the global phenomenon of urban poverty tourism.

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