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Broekhuis, Hans:
Optimality theory and minimalism : interface theories
/ Hans Broekhuis, Ralf Vogel (eds.)
Potsdam : Universitätsverlag Potsdam, 2009. - 212 S.
(Linguistics in Potsdam ; 28)
ISSN 1616-7392
ISBN 978-3-940793-61-4
Preis: 10,00 €    (Bezugsinformationen)

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The papers contained in this issue share the insight that the different components of the grammar sometimes impose conflicting requirements on the grammar’s output, and that, in order to handle such conflicts, it seems advantageous to combine aspects from minimalist and OT modelling. The papers show that this can be undertaken in a multiplicity of ways, by using varying proportions of each framework, and offer a broad range of perspectives for future research.

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