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Interdisciplinary studies on information structure : ISIS ; Working papers of the SFB 632. - Potsdam : Univ.-Verl., 2004 - 279 S.
(Interdisciplinary Studies on Information Structure ; 1)
ISSN 1614-4708

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A1: Phonology and syntax of focussing and topicalisation:
Gisbert Fanselow: Cyclic Phonology–Syntax-Interaction: Movement to First Position in German
Caroline Féry and Laura Herbst: German Sentence Accent Revisited
Shinichiro Ishihara: Prosody by Phase: Evidence from Focus Intonation–Wh-scope Correspondence in Japanese

A2: Quantification and information structure:
Cornelia Endriss and Stefan Hinterwimmer: The Influence of Tense in Adverbial Quantification

A3: Rhetorical Structure in Spoken Language: Modeling of Global Prosodic Parameters:
Ekaterina Jasinskaja, Jörg Mayer and David Schlangen: Discourse Structure and Information Structure: Interfaces and Prosodic Realization

B2: Focussing in African Tchadic languages:
Katharina Hartmann and Malte Zimmermann: Focus Strategies in Chadic: The Case of Tangale Revisited

D1: Linguistic database for information structure: Annotation and retrieval:
Stefanie Dipper, Michael Götze, Manfred Stede and Tillmann Wegst:
ANNIS: A Linguistic Database for Exploring Information Structure

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